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Yoga Studio Management Software

When you are running a business such as a Yoga studio it is very important that all aspects of the business work well together.  You can start a trial as this suite only works if you pay for it. While offering pilates management software some neat things like editing and creating PDFs, this also means there is no free PDF reader installed (apart from Microsofts own Reader application, which we consider a little bit too simple).

We were looking for something that would be simple and intuitive, focus on the studio management tasks that were most important – client check-ins yoga software and attendance, class pass sales, accepting credit card sales, tracking studio credits and memberships, and of course, it had to be affordable.

Our management team comprises business professionals with unparalleled experience supporting corporate clients, clubs, spas, hotels, hospital-based fitness centers, recreation centers, yoga management software rehabilitation/PT facilities, retirement centers, universities, churches, Jewish community centers, YMCA’s, tennis & country clubs in all areas of technology, development, & support.

With our software you can easily control access to different areas of your health club based on different membership types you offer at studio management software your gym (up to 10 doors-including tanning rooms, spas, locker rooms), store member information and automatically bill your gym members.

With the administrative details handled before clients walk in the door, studio owners, managers, staff and teachers can all focus their complete attention Fitness studio software on them, not on a computer screen or paper accounting system. The way yoga practitioners feel in a studio plays a huge part in keeping their loyalty and their business. For more information, please visit our site

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