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Way To Transfer Any Music As Your Ringtone On Skype

It’s been quite fine to have your music as your ringtone on Skype, but sometimes it gets difficult to change the ringtone, which can be fixed out in an easy way.

Are you doing fine with your communicative app? Having the fine Skype app on the side always ensure an easy platform to get connected with your loved ones around the world.  With dynamic features and fascinating services, Skype app has become the most used and reliable app for all the potential users across the global boundaries. Being the fine user of the app, there are some instances where you have to encounter the issue of Skype not working in a proper way. In case, if you deal with such kind of issue, you can apply some basic solutions, including checking the proper internet and server connection, ensuring the strong signal strength, or resetting the settings of the app.

Being the ultimate service of tech giant (Microsoft), Skype has always been under the scanner to get improved with the add-on of new features in order to render the best experience to all the users. In case, if you get any issue while using any feature on the service, just head to Skype Customer Service chat and get the better solutions and assistance. Apart from all the features, it’s also quite easy to customize the ringtone in order to get the assurance about who is calling you. But, sometimes there are instances when the downloaded music/ringtone don’t show up, which makes it difficult to set up the ringtone in a customize manner. Well, if you are having this kind of issue, just follow up the below process to solve the problem.

  • The first thing which you need to launch the Skype and then head to Log in.
  • Now head to tap on the “Tools” (at the top side of the Window) and then tap the “Options” from the menu.
  • Now in the new window, just tap “Sounds” and then tap the “Import Sounds”
  • Now you will wish to search and choose the sounds that you are going to use for the ringtone by using the file browser directly from the home screen. Note that all the sounds that are available on your device must be in the WAV format. In case, if you are heading to use any other format file, then don’t forget to convert the file into the WAV files (WAV files are quite larger).
  • Now tap on “Open” and then simply import the sounds into the Skype.
  • Now head on to choose the first sound that you are willing to change from the “Select Which Events Play”, which is a Sound list. You will simply get the current sound display in the “Choose which Sound to Play”
  • Simply tap the “Choose Which Sound to Play” box in order to see all the sounds, including all the sounds that you have imported.
  • Now head on to select one custom sounds from the fine list.
  • Just repeat the process and to change all the sounds that you are willing to customize.
  • When you are completely done, just tap “Save” at the center of the Options window to save your new sounds and simply close the window. Still, if get any issue, just navigate to Skype Support chat team to get the expert assistance and support.

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