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Unable To Change A Hotmail Account Password

Hotmail which is now Outlook provides an easy method to change the account password. In fact, there are two methods to change your Hotmail account password; one when you forget it and the other one through your account. Here are step-by-step guide to change the password through both the methods.
Changing Hotmail Account Password through your Account

• Go to official Hotmail log in page.
• Log in to your account.
• Click on your profile picture (located on the upper right corner of your inbox).
• Select ‘Account Settings’ from the drop down menu.
• You will be redirected to ‘Account Settings’ page. Choose ‘Security & password’ option from the left side menu.
• You will be asked to verify your identity before you enter into the sensitive info zone. A text message will be sent to one of your recovery option (email id or phone) containing a security code. You can select the recovery option.
• You are required to enter this security code in the field provided.
• Once the verification is done, you can click on ‘Change your password’ link.
• You will be asked to enter your current password and create a new one. This new password will be used for all services where you use your Microsoft account such as Skype, SkyDrive etc.

Changing/Resetting Forgotten Password

Here the scenario is a little different. You forgot your password and you cannot sign in to your account. So, you need to use the password reset option. Follow the steps below:

You can recover deactivated Hotmail account (due to inactivity) within 365 days of last login.
And, a manually deleted account can be recovered within 30 days. Use password reset option to recover the account.

• Go to official Hotmail sign in page.
• Click on ‘Can’t access your account?’ link. You can find it below the ‘Sign in’ button.
• On the password reset page, select ‘I forgot my password’ option and click ‘Next.’
• Enter your Hotmail email address in the field provided. Enter the CAPTCHA and click ‘Next.’
• If you have added recovery option to your account, select one of them else click on ‘I don’t have any of these.’ This last option will ask you to complete the questionnaire to verify your identity.
• You will receive a security code if you have added recovery options. Enter the security code in the field provided and click ‘Next’ to verify your identity.
• You can now reset your password. Set a new password as a combination of alphabets (upper case and lower case), numbers and symbols.
• Click Next to complete the process.
• Now you have a new password for your Hotmail account.

If you have any issue in changing password, contact Hotmail customer support for assistance.

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