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A condition where a bulge emerges near the navel or belly button when fat, fluid, or intestine pushes through a weak spot in the belly is termed as umbilical hernia. This medical condition is generally found in infants. It generally closes on its own by the time a baby turns 1. However, sometimes surgery may be required.
Adults too may get affected. Health problems such as ascites, being pregnant or overweight can lead to the development of this condition. Others factors leading to umbilical hernia may include chronic constipation, chronic cough or urine problems. An umbilical hernia is diagnosed by a physical exam. It tends to get bigger with time. Surgery is required when it becomes bigger and painful.
If not treated well, this can lead to strangulated hernia which can be extremely painful and requires immediate surgery. Repairing umbilical hernia is quite an easy process and takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get done. General anaesthesia is given for the operation. There is a possibility that your doctor might discharge you the very same day the surgery is done. You are advised to take some days off from school/work and strenuous activities must be restrained for few weeks at least. People normally return to their former self within one month of treatment.
There is hardly any chance that an umbilical hernia treatment may cause any complications, but in case it happens, it may be:
· Recurrence of hernia
· Infection in wound
· Numbness in legs or headache for some time post operation
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