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It’s been a while now that Uboard India has come up with Gen X transportation solution of its own. After completing their successful journey across the world, hover boards have finally managed to get Indians rocking as well! Being one of the leading suppliers of self balancing scooters in India, Uboard India has come up a long way.

Uboard India always comes up with new and exciting range of hover boards every time for the sake of its privileged customers. And this time, Uboard Explorer XL has quite discreetly taken away our attention! Infused with Samsung’s high-quality lithium ion battery and powered by Suredrive+ technology, this scooter can ride up hills having an inclination of approx. 30 degrees. The balance is duly maintained with the help of its auto balancing gyro after the gadget senses how the user’s weight is distributed. This in turn allows 350 degree turns and an easy forward and backward movement. Once you are on the gadget, the inbuilt LED lamps in the front light up automatically. Big tyres with air-filled tubes allow the user to practically move on any surface.

One can switch on the gyro merely by pulling it behind one’s self instead of riding it. Your Explorer is accompanied with a customised key of its own for starting and unlocking your scooter. You’ve got to press the button once and then unlock by pressing the unlock symbol.

However, there are certain things to be kept in mind:

  • While mounting and dismounting the Explorer, be cautious.
  • Try choosing open spaces to ride the scooter instead of going to the places full of traffic.
  • Wearing a helmet is always advisable to adults, whereas, it is a mandatory thing when it comes to the riders below the age of 15.

This interesting gadget is a total worth buying product. These big wheel hoverboards India have created quite a sensation among all age groups.

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