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Top 5 Chocolate Cake Designs For Wedding Anniversaries-Mr.Brown Bakery

Cakes are an inevitable part of any celebration. A lovely cake changes the essence of an occasion completely. To commemorate special occasions like wedding anniversaries, there are many latest designs of cakes available in the market nowadays. All your guests look forward to the innovative cake design that you order for the party. Chocolate cakes are one of the most loved flavours and just sniffing on such cakes is tantalising for all the chocolate lovers. They are loved by people of all age groups. The cake designers have adopted various new styles in icing and decorating the cakes. Check out the following list of trendy chocolate cakes that you can order for your own anniversary and even for anniversary parties for your close ones. 
A Decadent And Gooey Chocolate Cake: This cake looks sizzling in any anniversary party and is simply lip smacking. People who love the taste of dark chocolate are sure to fall for this cake. The chocolate chip buttercream used in frosting the cake enhances the taste even more. For decoration, dark chocolate shavings are sprinkled on the cake. The use of raspberry liqueur is one of the unique ingredients of this bakery item.
Beetroot Chocolate Cake: This is a healthy twist given to chocolate cakes. The use of beetroot and fresh apple puree imparts a distinct flavour to the cake which tastes heavenly. This can be a really surprising delight for all your guests who come to attend the party. The icing on the cake is made with rich ingredients like almond butter, coconut cream, maple syrup and cocoa powder. The creamy coconut frosting makes the cake very soft and fluffy.
Chocolate Drizzle Cake: This cake design is simply incredible. Topped up with fresh strawberries on the top this three-layer cake sets your party on fire. It looks scrumptious and you just cannot wait to take a bite of it. The chocolate sauce dripping on the cake from above adds more to the looks of the cake. This cake is perfect if you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary in a grand way.
Dark Chocolate And Raspberry Tiered Cake: This is a two-tier cake which consists of so many rich ingredients in it. The fresh raspberries used in topping the cake makes it look super alluring. It makes a perfect dessert after your anniversary celebration with your beloved. The cake melts in the mouth and you just get lost in the blended flavours of chocolate and raspberries.
Chocolate Almond Cake: If you are someone who loves the taste of nuts in your cake then this dessert item is apt for you. The cake has chocolate icing on the top and is decorated beautifully with almonds all over. Be it your first, fifth, tenth or twentieth marriage anniversary the love for this chocolate cake never grows old.
These detectable chocolate cakes are just perfect to celebrate your favourite milestones and the sponginess and freshness of the cakes make them taste more sumptuous.

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