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Tips to buy sunglasses online without screwing up

Sunglasses also known as shades h are considered to be one of the most important accessories irrespective of gender. However what people don’t realise is that sunglasses are more than just being a fashion accessory. Their main job is to act as a shield against the sun’s harmful rays, thus protecting the eyes from different ailments. That gives you enough reason to buy sunglasses even if you are not much into fashion and style. But getting the perfect sunglasses is not as easy as it seems especially if you are buying one online.

Online, a pair of sunglasses may look all cute and dashing but when you finally get to try it, it might not work making you look weird and funny. So how do you go about buying sunglasses online? Here are following tips to help you get the perfect shades that will not only protect your eyes while also adding to your fashionable look.

  1. Know your face shape

Knowing the shape of your face is the most important thing when shopping for sunglasses online. Look at your face and try figuring out the shape, whether it is oval, round, square, heart shaped or oblong. Accordingly you can choose from different sunglasses such as round sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, aviators, square frame, rectangular frame, wayfarer, cateye etc. Try choosing a frame that is opposite to your face shape as it will look flattering.


  1. Choosing the right frame size

Once you have found the perfect frame, it’s time to decide on the right frame size according to your face as it is very important in making you look chic and stylish. Go for smaller frames if you have a small face and vice versa. Larger frames will look flattering on large faces whereas smaller frames look flattering on small faces. Choose accordingly and make sure that it fits you properly.


  1. Frame material

Apart from getting the right frame shape and size, frame material is another important feature to check when buying shades online. The type of material used plays a big role in determining the comfort and functionality. Make use of sunglasses online shopping and choose from different materials such as nylon, titanium, metal, polycarbonate, plastic etc.


  1. Lens material

Paying attention to lens material is equally important when shopping for sunglasses online. You can choose from different materials such as optical glass lenses, polycarbonate as well as acrylic etc. Polycarbonate is quite good and resistant but is prone to scratches whereas acrylic lenses offer good clarity and vision and are inexpensive as compared to other materials. Optical glass lenses are considered a little expensive and that is why not many people opt for it. Some sunglasses also come with interchangeable lenses thus letting you change it according to your activities and location etc. Polarized lenses are great for reducing glare.


  1. UV protection

Choosing a pair of sunglasses with UV coating is recommended for protecting your eyes from the harmful sunrays. Also opt for a colour that reduces eye strain in bright conditions. At the same instance you should also pay attention to lens coating and choose something that increase visibility and reduces glare. The different coatings include UV protection, anti-reflective, blue light reduction etc.


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