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At least eight teams of the National Football League teams, four of Major League Baseball, and one of the National Basketball Association use the services of a ticket reseller to allow season ticket holders to sell individual tickets online; in the process, the reseller and the organization both get cuts of any profit.

You can search a number of brokers at once with a site like TicketExchange that aggregates deals from the likes of NFL Ticket Exchange you’ll often be able to find cheap tickets close to the event date from these sites one thing to keep in mind is that many still have a service charge.

NHL Ticket Exchange is the approved site for the resale of tickets.  A similar practice used among ticket resellers is to list an item as an online auction (such as eBay) – most commonly an innocuous item such as a collector’s card – and give the tickets as a bonus to the winning bidder; thereby not actually selling tickets in order to circumvent ticket laws. For more information, please visit our site

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