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Teams Put Pressure on Ticket Brokers

Our research takes the guesswork out of sports tickets by giving you a solid playbook, coaching and drills plus an aerial view of the field. A series of corporate mergers, expansions and partnerships, meanwhile, have largely consolidated much of sports ticketing MLB Ticket Exchange on the primary and secondary markets to just four entities which has partnered on many efforts including the 76ers’ initiative with Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement.

Save time, build community, engage your fans, and sell more tickets with Ticket Exchange suite of marketing and analytics tools, which NBA Ticket Exchange includes one-click email marketing, auto-Tweets and Face book posts, fan sharing tools and a real-time analytics dashboard.

Dallas Cowboys tickets are usually the first to go, followed by their biggest competition in the NFC East, the New York Giants The loyal fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos are always ready to cheer their team on no matter the conditions.

Everybody is trying to capture this billion dollar industry, and the risk-taker brokers—our members—need representation because there’s fights going on between the big 800 pound gorillas on each side that don’t necessarily look out for what we believe the consumers’ interest and ticket brokers’ interest are.

At least eight teams of the National Football League teams, four of Major League Baseball and one of the National Basketball Association use the services of a ticket NFL Ticket Exchange reseller to allow season ticket holders to sell individual tickets online; in the process, the reseller and the organization both get cuts of any profit. For more information, please visit our site

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