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Stainless Steel Door Hinge in Ahmedabad

Hingesin is a leading manufacturer of door and window fittings. Our state of the art plant is located at Amraiwadi, where we manufacture hinges, door holders, door catchers, window locks and various other fittings.

Stainless Steel Hinges Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Verix hinges are of top grade quality, since they are made from high grades of stainless steel like 202, 304 and 316. Verix offers various sizes of matt finished hinges, which can be used for residential and commercial purposes.

For Verix, its employees are an indispensable asset. Our growth can be largely attributed to our workers and management team. With the dedication of our staff, and  the trust of our customers, we will soon spread our wings to cater to new markets.

Quality Policy

Verix is a benchmark of quality that is aspired by all. Right from procuring raw material, to delivering the finished product, we monitor quality at all levels. We do not use alloyed steel; instead we use pure stainless steel of grade 304 to manufacture Verix hinges.

We provide laboratory certificate, which assures the purity and excellence of our hinges. Apart from quality, we ensure that our customers receive timely delivery of their order. We blend great product and superior service, to delight our customers.

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