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Stag Nights in Riga

Eastern Europe at its finest, this Latvian corker of a location has been a popular party retreat the last many years.  It is true that some people don’t like British but that’s only reasonable, because some British men peed on our freedom monument for which we paid from our own pocket so that really hurts us. So British people – try not to get drunk when in Riga because then everyone will hate you.

We not only provide you with information on the Old city but we also offer guided tours of Riga Old Town for the keen sightseer, as well as a range of other tours and activities, listings of places to eat and bars, cafes and pubs in Riga We also offer some great Riga Guide books that may provide you with even more information to bring with you. It’s a fantastic place, with a fascinating history and amazing people, who are friendly and kind if you give them Riga Nightlife a reason to be so. DON’T go if you’re looking for drunken nights, strippers and prostitutes – you’ll get a deservedly frosty reception.

But about troublemakers tell u one, I heard loads of talking about Riga that many Irish male going to Riga just for weekend or just for a lough when What to do in Riga they piss on monuments or bulling to Latvians just because they r British or Irish, tell u just stay at home don’t bring your rubbish to Latvia. Are less likely to perceive as being a sign of your wit and originality, but rather more as a sign of disrespect to the city and its inhabitants and Riga Stag Do that you are going to behave in the same fashion as the other people wearing similar outfits who have been coming to Riga for the past three years. For more information, please visit our site

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