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Stag Do Nightlife in Riga

Latvian corker of a location has been a popular party retreat the last many years.  There are loads to think about: who to invite, who to ditch (and how to ditch them), how much to spend, whether to go abroad or stay in blight, what activities (if any) to do, what fancy dress you can force the stag to wear and, crucially, all the vagaries involved in deciding whether or not to book a stripper.

On the other hand there are areas throughout the Central District where you may sit in classy wine bars, great restaurants, tables Stag Do Riga to play at in the casinos or simply enjoy walking amongst the fine architecture away from the madness of the touristic center that is Old Riga.

Are less likely to perceived as being a sign of your wit and originality, but rather more as a sign of disrespect to the city and its inhabitants and that you are going to behave in the same fashion as the other people wearing similar outfits who have been coming to Riga for the past three years.

Overall our long weekend in Riga was awesome, the City is scenic during the day and a lot of fun in the evenings, the weather was Stag Activities fantastic, some good bars and some good value restaurants, we had three nights on the beers and we all enjoyed the weekend.

You can get a warm glow shopping, Riga’s first charity shop, find cutting-edge local designer objects in Stag Do Riga , become a Latvian hipster after a visit to Pavilions or find some delicious gourmet Latvian products in Riga Farmers Markets. For more information, please visit our site

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