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Stag Do Destinations in Europe

Perfect for an action packed and booze fueled weekend in Riga, our mean machines package will blow you away!  At Riga International Airport bus No.22 has direct services between the city centre Riga Nightlife and airport and an unlimited ticket valid for 24hrs is only 2.70 Euros or a one trip ticket is 0.70 Euros (according to the current Airport information but this might be subject to change).

You might be wondering what to do while you are waiting for pub crawl to start or how to charge your batteries” next day when you dealing with a little bit of a hangover After Stag Do Riga receiving many emails with the same questions of what else can we recommend doing in Riga besides drinking beer and visiting nightclubs, we have came up with some great ideas!

It is interesting that even Riga there are not considered as its own capital city, they says that in Riga living only weak and Russians – a very nationalistic and racistic including women – fucking morans, They solve all problems with their fists, although they are smart enough to lead your business to the bankruptcy!!!

The Clubs In Riga were wicked and we couldn’t have asked for a better stag do for our mate Procter (who is now missing an eyebrow).The Hotel if you can call it a hotel (more like a strip club with bedrooms) was the best thing since sliced bread, cold beer etc. For more information, please visit our site


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