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Some Facts You Would Want To Know About Heavy Duty And Pantograph Lifts

The pantograph or heavy duty scissor lifts are basically used for hauling up heavy vehicles like trucks and buses, when they are brought in for repair jobs or changing tires, washing the underside of the vehicle or tire rotation jobs. The heavy duty scissor lifts are all provided with hydraulic cylinders providing high pressure. The lifts can either be designed for vehicles to be placed and repair on a ramp or a driveway. The maximum mass that can be lifted by these lifts can go as high up as 5500 kilograms.

How Do The Heavy Duty Lifts Operate

  • You can have the options of operating the hydraulic cylinders in the heavy duty lifts manually or electrically as the case may be. There are some lifts that are even operated with the help of batteries. The power – requirement of the ones running on electricity is about 3 HP.
  • You can have heavy lifts of various types like:
    • Movable
    • Fixed
    • Self – operated or propelled
    • Hydraulic
    • Ones with multi dock pit for aiding in landing of heavy vehicles like a lorry
    • Ones with four posts
    • The lifts with extended platforms
  • There are also a wide range of varieties in platform, the variations coming in the sizes of platforms, rotating tops, front pockets and so on.

Advantages of Heavy Duty or Pantograph Lifts

  • The scissor lifts consume lesser electricity
  • These lifts have lower maintenance costs
  • The fixed heavy duty lifts are mainly used in loading and unloading of goods. They also find application in automobile stores
  • The fixed lifts can lift up to a height of 40 feet.
  • The pantograph lifts of movable type are mainly used in the electronic, defence, electrical and textile industries
  • Movable lifts can lift to great heights and can move things from one spot to another.
  • You can use the four post lifts for lifting vehicles through any height. They find the maximum usage in the vehicle industries
  • For vertical movement of heavy objects, you may make use of the self – propelled lifts.
  • For landing heavy duty goods in docks and open areas, you can use the lifts with multi dock pits.

What are Truck Lifts and What Are They Used For

The truck lifts are used to lift some of the heaviest vehicles and provide great safety measures. The locking system is fool – proof with 15 positions where the locks are applied. The pantograph lifts operating on electrical power and operating hydraulically, are provided with vertical lifting facility.

There are two other types of heavy duty lifts:

  • Truck hoists that can lift heavy vehicles with absolute precision and stability.
  • Then there are the parallelogram lifts that can lift vehicles of any weight, distributing the mass evenly on all sides.

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