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Smart Tips Before You Start On Your Private Tours in Costa Rica

If you have decided to take an extended weekend tour to the enchanting locales of Costa Rica, here are some of the tips that you must bear in mind before fixing the itinerary. Exploring the rainforest can really be a great experience if you plan the trip properly. You have the option of fixing your base at San Jose, where you can put up in any of the excellent B&Bs. The rainy season is a difficult time to seek adventure in the rainforests up in the mountains; however, you may also be lucky enough to get bright sunny weather, that will make your days extra special and the trip absolutely unforgettable.

Planning the First Day: Tortuguero Rainforest

The Tortuguero Rainforest lies in the north-eastern part of Costa Rica. You can start your private tour Costa Rica with this absolutely wonderful locale. With sunny weather and no road blockades, you can reach a cool animal reserve in the wilderness in no time at all. You can have a real close look at wildlife in the rainforests, like colourful and large flowers, toucan birds in multitude of colours and venomous frogs.

Reaching the waterway, you can hire a small boat and cruise along till you reach your destination. Along the way, you will be welcome by some of the most outstanding sights that will leave you mesmerised. The flora and fauna are really attractive – you can hope to find beautiful birds, flamingos at the edge of the water, some sloths up on the trees. You may also be lucky enough to catch sight of crocodiles in the water.

After reaching Tortuguero rainforest, you can begin your journey through the single track in Costa Rica. Get enchanted with the lush greenery surrounding you. Don’t jump when you see the capuchin monkeys screeching and jumping all around you. On your way back you can enjoy a soothing drink of coconut water.

Visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest on the Second Day

You can plan a private tour to the Monteverde Cloud Forest on Day 2. It is at a higher elevation than the surrounding rain forests. You may find the roads to Monteverde a bit rough and bumpy when you get to greater heights. But you are also guaranteed a view that will leave you utterly breathless.

Its true that private tours Costa Rica can be a bit hard on your pocket, but they can help you mingle with the local people in such a way so that you feel one with the country’s culture. At Monteverde, you will find huge trees with broad leaves in a deep green wilderness that seems to stretch endlessly in front of your eyes.

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