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Shape Your Body with Best Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Delhi

Today many people are suffering from the obesity; according to the survey there is huge percentage of people around the world who are going through this problem.

Over-weighted people, generally feels very depressed, tensed and even their fattiness stars affecting their self-respect also. Sometimes it is very difficult for people to face wrong comments from others because of their over-sized physic.

In addition, in many cases exercise and controlled diet is not enough to control obesity and weight-loss. Good diet and regular exercise even fail to treat excessive obesity; in such case Bariatric surgery is emerged as a best way to get in shape. Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure or we can say it is an operation that is performed to make an over-weighted person back into the shape. If you have obesity problem or you are over weighted then you can also go with this surgery, when talking about our country, there are many Best Bariatric surgery hospitals in Delhi, offering the best treatment as well as best services with all modern equipment and technologies.

It is the safest way to lose weight as there is very lower rate of any mishaps or death cases when the surgery is coupled with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

How Bariatric Surgery Works

The basic principle of Bariatric surgery is, it limits the food intake & absorption rate in stomach and intestines. This surgery completely changes the digestion process of food. The actual digestion process starts when food is chewed with saliva and other secretions in the mouth, then food reaches to the stomach and broken down to nutrients and calories once it is mixed with digestive juices. Digestion becomes much faster when food gets into the duodenum where unites with bile and pancreatic juices.

However, after this surgery the entire digestion process gets changed , nutrients and calories are not absorbed in a usual way. It results in the reduction of calories and nutrient absorption in the body that makes over a weighted patient to lose weight.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are basically four Bariatric surgeries which include Adjustable Gastric banding, Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-gastric bypass and Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodental switch.  These are four surgeries that have their own advantages, each surgery suits to different Body mass index, different problems related to obesity, eating habits and previous surgeries. There are a number of best bariatric surgery hospitals in Delhi providing the facilities of above four surgeries to obesity or over weighted patients.

However, after surgery, it is very important to take care of certain things such as lifelong diet, regular exercise in order to avoid future complications and problems. If these things are not followed rigorously then there are many chances to put on weight ever after the surgery.

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