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Select a Hindi Newspaper to Publish a Name Change Advertisement

Getting your name changed is not that big an ordeal as it seems to be. Every country has a streamlined process for the name change act. Anyone seeking name change can just follow the simple steps and get rechristened. In India, as well, individuals can follow the easy procedure and change their names without any hassle. However, it is noteworthy here that the process takes a couple of weeks or even a month or so to complete.

You will have to produce an affidavit stating your name change act as well as later on get it published in the gazette newspaper. Amidst all these steps there is one very crucial procedure that you just cannot miss and it is publishing a newspaper advert to announce your name change action. It is one of the most important moves and you can select any newspaper of your choice for this purpose. It is advisable to select not just a national newspaper but a vernacular or a local language paper. If you are looking forward to post a name change notice in a Hindi news broadsheet, then consider publishing change of name ad in Hindustan Times. The paper is circulated in various editions across the country. Also, it is one of the most widely read news broadsheets in the country.

The format of name change ads is quite simple and crisp. It includes the original or current name of the name change seeker, new name, current residential address, reason for name change, etc. Hindustan Hindi name change classifieds ad provides a good audience reach to the advert. There is a large population that reads the Hindi news supplements and relies on the newspapers published in the national language.

You can thus exercise your right to change your name and rechristen self easily. Get in touch with a reliable and authentic newspaper classified ad agency that will initiate your process and help you achieve your task in a hassle-free manner. Such mediators negotiate with the newspaper company on your behalf for the price of the advert. They will provide you the best ad packages that you can choose from. The ad package varies on the following parameters:

  • The frequency of ad publication: If you publish your ad on a repeated basis the ad package will cost you more.
  • The day of the week: If you select a weekend slot for your advert then it will certainly cost you more. On the other hand, if you select any other day of the week for your advert then it will cost you less.
  • Various Zones: If you select more than one zone to publish your ad post then the prices for such an ad package will go up. For instance, if you want to publish your ad in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. i.e. covering the major cities the ad prices will accordingly rise.

Thus, it is important to select the ad package wisely in order to get better results for your advert. You can either research the ad responses for various packages or can also connect with the customer relationship executive of the newspaper agency for this purpose. The relationship executive will guide you about the detailing of advertising and will help you select the appropriate package as per your needs. They will also make a customized advertisement package for you so that you get what you want and that too in your desired budget.

So, go ahead and connect with the appropriate mediator to get your name changed easily and hassle-free.

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