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Searching for Memorable Wine & Bar Experiences? Try Bars with a London View!

Sipping a glass of wine and absorbing the infinite sub-cultures that make London the most trending travel destination of a world – this is every traveller’s dream. However, ask people who have visited London and you might come across people who never made it to bars with a London view, folks who read up a lot on the best wine bar in London but the actual experience was well short of expectations. Here, we help you decode the best wine bar in London, sharing places that do a lot more than quenching your thirst for fresh malts and grape produce aged to perfection. This discussion will round-up London bars that offer the eclectic combination of quality wines and enviable London views.

Rumpus Room with Brew and View

Adore the beautiful panorama from the 12th floor of Mondrian Hotel with a glass of champagne in your hand. The environment is so friendly with interactive staff while the captivating interiors are enough to keep you engaged in a world away from your daily routine. With St. Paul’s Cathedral and divinely River Thames in the backdrop, this bar is sure to stimulate your senses. You also get to admire the beauty of the view while strolling at the terrace. The Room has often made it to the list of best bars with a view in London across many regional publications and regularly features in discussions by top bloggers from the city.

 Frank’s Café and Bar

People in London keep visiting this place for its famous aperitif – Campari. The festive service and a cheerful ambiance make this undoubtedly one of the most recommended wine bar. London has some not so glamorous places that are inherent to its local wine scene. This establishment with its car-parking layout might not be known to all the global travellers but ask people who have taken the time to listen to local wisdom and visited Frank’s – the conclusion is the same, i.e. this is among the best bars with a view in London. It is credited with pioneering the cause of Aperol Spritz – an easy to make drink is known to every true Londoner!

 Kensington Roof Gardens

This is Babylon restaurant’s bar on a terrace that provides you a natural view at the sixth floor area. You get to see the nomadic flamingos and a wide field with lush greenery. This place is presumably open to public and is free of charge on most days. However, finding a seat might not always be possible as private bookings are rather common. Plan your visit here. Try to get someone from the nearby areas to get you a booking here in advance. The bait is simple to understand – few other bars can offer such a serene London view.

Netil360 with Co-Working Environment

What sounds more interesting – great bars with great views or urbane bars with a London view for a workplace? Each summer, Londoners witness a variety of events here like Alfresco Cinema Shows, hot-tub nights, yoga classes, etc. These exclusive events are complemented with snacks and cocktails. While standing on the roof of this establishment, you sense a sort of frankness and relaxed vibes that are hard to find in the daily rush associated with a metropolis like London. The views? You get to see the beauty of London Fields, Hackney Downs, Victoria Park, Regent Canal, and the distant skyscrapers!


This bar is situated close to the St. Paul’s Cathedral, at the top of One New Change multiplex and offers you the fascinating scene of Sir Christopher Wren’s work of art and a wider vista of the city. With a glass lift, you will get to adore the beautiful eastside view of St. Paul’s and the church’s best parts can be observed from where you enter the bar. Witnessing all this with a cocktail in your hand and some British tapas – what could be better for a London visitor?

Radio Rooftop Bar

This modern bar features an Ibiza-inspired ambiance and offers the perfect place to hang out. From young boys to middle-aged people, everybody wants to get lost in the views that this place offers. All you need to do is find your table, relax yourself on a sofa, and order your favourite cocktail. Here, you get the time to dwell in the beauty of Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s, London Eye, and a panorama of skyscrapers.

This is perhaps the most comprehensive list of the best bars with a view. London has a matured wining & dining scene, including not-so-glamorous, some extremely popular and a handful of not-so-known places in and around the city. In this list, you get an option belonging to each type. When you get the opportunity to visit London, please try the soulful music served at the AllStars band that performs at Dion, St. Paul’s. This place has unbeatable views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, serves great champagne and has a fine wine bar. London’s wedding scene too talks about planning wedding receptions around the Cathedral and places like Dion are a big reason for it – a fine restaurant that also serves the finest wines and offers live music. Apart from witnessing heritage sites of the Cathedral, you might be audience to a real-life wedding party here!

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