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Searching For Your Better Half? Fall In Love! Stay Together Forever with These Apps

At some point in time, everyone would have experienced love in their lives, whether they were loved or have loved. Love is the powerful telepathy that has the ability to fully understand someone without having to talk to them. Some say that love is a force field that offers protection from the outside world and it even protects your heart. Love will help you to know who you are. It is a special feel that you must feel not it should not be described. It is a language even a dumb can speak and duff can hear. It will take you to the fantasy world. Enjoy the childishness in it.Searching for your love, here are the apps that will assist you in finding your soul mate.


Tinder, the popularly known dating app. This app was once the place for the singles to meet their significant another. Basically, tinder is a location-based social search mobile app. It facilitates the communication between mutually interested users across the globe. Tinder is the most commonly used dating app. And the app also provides more services and it is one of the general social media applications.

With tinder, Users can create a profile with their photos. Basic information of the users is gathered and the users’ social graph is analyzed. The app supports a number of mutual friends and people with the common interest are streamed into the list of matches. If users like each other on tinder, then the app results in a “match” and with this, users can chat within the app. This app is used in nearly 196 countries.


The app helps the women in finding the nice guy. This app allows women to start a conversation first with their male matches. In the case of the same-sex matches, it allows either party to start the conversation first. In this app, the free users must reply to the messages within 24 hours after delivery if not the match will disappear automatically.

Bumble uses the Facebook to build a user profile with their photos and their basic information this includes ten user’s college and their job.

The features of the app include favorite conversation, to sort the particular conversation and to swipe the conversation. This app allows the users to like the potential matches by swiping right and users can swipe left to continue with their search. in 2015, bumble released a backtrack feature that allows the users to undo the accidental left swipes by just shaking their phones.

Initially, three backtracks are provided, which will refill in every three hours. Users also have the option to immediately receive the three set of backtracks if they share bumble on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The app provides the 24 hours time limit for the matches, within this time, the conversation must be started otherwise the match disappears.

In 2016, Bumble released BFF mode, it is a way for the users to find platonic friends. Bumble also has a photo verification tool, which was launched recently. This feature ensures that users on the app were same people on their profile picture. To verify this, users are asked to submit a selfie of them performing a specific pose specified by the app.

Coffee meets Bagel

It is a San-Francisco based social networking website and a dating app. Coffee meets Bagel is the first app to be profiled in the “best dating apps”. It is one of the top 10 apps for the people who wish to fall in love.

Earlier, this app differed from its competitors by limiting the number of profiles users interact in a day. The app uses the SMS to link users who specify their interest in each other.

This app helps the users to meet their perfect match. It has been mentioned as the “anti-tinder”. The reason is that this app focuses on finding the quality of matches. It doesn’t offer a sea of matches. The app will offer you the matches based on the information, which you have inputted in taste, hobbies, and preferences. Just wait! True love is not easy to find.


Searching for your partner at your local barista? Happn will help you out. This is a French app that operates on the natural fluke by searching through the mutual interests in real time. The app works as follows.

Each and every time you cross paths with someone in real life, their profiles is showed up on your timeline. The app captures other users within a 250m radius from your smartphone, and it will give you a cross section of your locality around you. And they will be your coffee shop crush.


People who wish to date a celebrity; Raya is the best app for them. This app is an illuminate tinder app that helps to date a person with money and fame. Elijah, Ruby Rose, and Delevingne are the members of this dating app. This app is called as the most exclusive dating app. Users of this app have to be very beautiful, very successful and they should have 5000 plus Instagram followers. This app is basically a Soho house of dating.


This app helps its users to find a fellow hipster. How will you feel if the dating app provides you the potential matches based on music listening preferences? Now there is an app called Tastebuds. This app acts as a social music network that pairs the users with the people who regularly listens to music same bands as you. This app uses the same API like the This app scans the user’s local music library and it will add the user’s favorite artists to their account.

The user will them matched with others based on the artists they both like. It is simple as that, you like Pixies and Suede, here is the list of people you likes the same artist.


This app helps to find people with beards. People who like beards or those who own a beard can use this app. Bristlr is basically a dating app, exclusively for the bearded men. The app welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations and this app is helpful for the people who are basically beard-curious.


This app is for the people who don’t want to tell the society that they met on tinder. Hinge will help people to find the real relationships.  Instead of matching up with the strangers, Hinge matches its users with friends of friends. So that you can tell your parents or friends that you met at your friend’s birthday party. Meeting the known person is a different feel and being in a relationship with them is even more special.


This is a dating app for oldies. This app works in the way of tinder and it focuses on the fact that around three in ten baby boomers are single. This app is different from the other apps and it suggests the wholesome activities such as the salsa dancing and wine tasting for the users who have not involved in the dating game for a number of years.

Meet the person, fall in love! And live the life to its fullest.

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