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Reliable Hajj and Umrah Tour Packages for Manchester People

If you are from Manchester town and looking for the reliable travel agent for assisting your Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage, then consider about visiting the well established travel agency Sky Direct Travel. They are the top service provider when it comes to arranging pilgrimage travel to Arab nation. With several travel agencies offering their service in Manchester Hajj and Umrah packages, none of them would matches with the features and value added services offered by the tour agency Sky Direct Travel.

Reason behind the importance of Mecca and other holy place in Umrah

For Muslims, visiting the holy places of Mecca, Umrah would be their life time achievements, and they carry their prayers to Allah by the prescribed messages by the prophets of Allah by his own.  Those prophets of Allah describes as it is an obligatory for all able Muslims to visit the holy city of Islam Mecca in their life time. As per those wordings, each and every year more than 2 to 3 million Muslim pilgrims visiting the holy place Mecca with the uniform set of dress code while sheets and sandals.

The holy site Masjid al-Haram which is literally known as the Sacred Mosque was declared as the pilgrimage by the prophet Muhammad in 630, owing to that each and every year millions of Muslim from all over the world visiting the place.

Why Sky Direct Travel?

As described above, the Sky Direct Travel is the listed top in the city of Manchester when it comes arranging pilgrimage tour to Arab nation, in addition to that they are in this tour arranging service for many years and own lots of experience. With all those tour arranging experiences, you can surely trust them on your pilgrimage to be as hassle free.

The Sky Direct Travel offers variety of services includes various packages for visiting Hajj, Umrah, Palestine and also having special Ramadan packages. For new travelers they would be the best as they offer accommodation services along with their tour packages. In addition to those services, they do offer online Umrah visa service where travelers can able to get visa in online with them.

Apart from those pilgrimage packages, they do offers honeymoon, holiday, business trips and so for people who are willing to visit the Arab nations. The UK based travel service provider Sky Direct Travel Ltd. responds to the online queries through their official website made by the travelers/pilgrims for travel assistance.

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