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The arena of web design is perpetually evolving. Something that was in trend yesterday can appear outdated by tomorrow. However, some trends can unexpectedly come back in vogue post break. Technology needs to be constantly upgraded. Hence, new developments are made every now and then in order to keep in pace with the ever changing world. Here are some of the web design trends that we are looking upon in 2017!

  • Big, bold typography never goes out of fashion. It just keeps on getting better with time. With a rapid increase in number of web fonts, designers are taking calculative risks with more novelty as far as typography is concerned. To make it work, keep in mind that the rest of the page should be kept as clean and as minimal as possible.
  • GIFs or high quality videos (cinemagraphs) that run on a continuous and smooth loop have become quite popular and have managed to generate a visual interest in the otherwise lifeless pages.
  • Bright gradients have made a major comeback. Gradients these days are bold, big and use plenty of colors. Most popularly it is used as a two color gradient overlay on photos.
  • Virtual reality is one of the most amazing features of latest design trends. Initially VR is going to benefit gamers but soon it will reach in to marketing as well as other applications.
  • Mixing of horizontal as well as vertical text is the new in. It adds a refreshing dimension to your webpage.
  • Overlapping of images and texts for portfolios and blogs has become an extremely popular effect these days.

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