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Parana Impact is of the leading database marketing, data intelligence and digital marketing service provider. We provide most advanced data intelligence services for health and technology companies. We focus on the customer-centric services to the wide range of the B2B (business -to- business) companies all over the world. Parana Impact services are suitable to small scale to large scale companies which will focus on driving more revenue and increase profitability to your enterprise.

Marketing and Sales have always been the most integral part of any business. Parana Impact services were started with the intention of providing the best and the most advanced techniques in Sales and Marketing related services. With the proper use of technology and the correct source of sales and marketing your sales can reach sky high which we, at Parana Impact Services provide.

With tremendous advancement in technology, marketing and sales methods too have evolved. Traditional Marketing -‘word of mouth’, ‘door to door sales’ etc., have zero or minimal influence and are highly inefficient. A Parana Impact service has a highly qualified and effective team which will provide you with the best and latest services you require. You name it, we provide it.

What We Do?

 Increasing and maintaining the customer royalty. We gain the customers trust and confidence.
 Building a strong relationship with your customers and improve customer relationship management.
 Providing you the high quality service of digital and database marketing for your company.
 Cost effective solutions and customer friendly.
 We connect globally and give the customers a personal touch to the any task we do.


We pointed out the marriage of the database technology with the information retrieval technology which will play an important role due to the popularity of the WEB. Thus, Parana Impact technologies of digital marketing and database marketing solutions for all your requirements and helps you in generating more leads and gaining popularity towards your business. Henceforth it would be the best option to choose our Parana Impact services for the better revenue and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in Parana Impact’s services. It is our goal to understand our clients business needs, in order to provide the best possible services.

If you have any questions or require any information about our Digital Marketing and Data Marketing Services, please send us email at and one of our marketing specialists will contact you shortly.

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