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Quality Roller Shutters in Hull

Security Roller Shutters Hull is specialist manufacturers and installers of domestic and commercial roller shutter doors throughout Hull and the surrounding areas. Our extensive range of security roller shutters include solid and transparent roller shutters, ideal for retail, bars and offices, Blinds in Hull domestic security shutters including garage roller doors, heavy duty aluminium roller shutter doors for properties requiring greater security, fire rated roller shutters, steel fire doors and fire curtains and a comprehensive range of industrial doors to suit a wide range of applications.

Jordan’s was founded in 1817 in Hull and at that time we were sailmakers servicing the Industry out of Hull. You could say that is it a far cry from our present day Industry of manufacture and installation of Sun blinds and Security Shutters but it has evolved through heavy industrial textiles in the shape of Sails, into Tarpaulins and all things using early fabrics. Sun blinds were a natural follow on and as diversification took place so we finally arrived where we are today. If that sounds simple it has to be remembered that the company survived two world wars during which time Hull suffered horrendous destruction.

Casement Windows, which appeared mainly after 1925, open outwards and are fitted on the outside of the house with a window sill, normally of about 8 inches, 200mm. In these cases we try to fit as close the window as possible, avoiding handles hitting louver blades of course, and opening perpendicular, Security Shutters in Hull normally protruding into the room about as much as a radiator would. If you want the shutters to fold back against the walls then you need to fit flush with the opening and we have a Z frame which fits around the corner of the reveal that makes this an easy and good looking option. For more information, please visit our site

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