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Proven Tools To Streamline Your Social Media Marketing In 2017

It is essential for any business to reach out the potential customers to generate the sales and it can only do by marketing. Doesn’t matter what type of business do you have, Marketing is the crucial thing that plays a vital role in this context.

Hence, social media is the significant platform that companies are using to connect with customers. A study found that 97% companies use social media marketing globally for marketing and rest of other companies feel difficult to manage different social platforms. Fortunately there more than enough tools over there to manage social media.

Hoot suite

Managing all social media marketing at one place is no more difficult. HootSuite allows its users to monitor in one apartment. It has many features from managing all accounts to scheduling. Additionally, it enables their users with the Geosearch option to know about special areas. It also suggests the content type to its users to share with their followers.


The Globally well-renowned tool that is very similar to HootSuite. It provides an extensive list to schedule post such as Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn that HootSuite doesn’t allow.  It offers free individual plans but companies can start working on it from $10.


It does not cover all social media platform you can just manage your Instagram for social media marketing tenacity. Vibbi offers the wide verity of services to manage the Instagram marketing including, Brand promotion, Backup of your content and keeps you updated with the latest news. It claims to be one of the leading Instagram follower providers along with high-quality real user likes. Due to the reach of Instagram, many new brands face the difficulties to make their presence on it. In this perspective, Vibbi provides the assistance to brands to build their strong Instagram presence. You can also use this tool to give a boost of your Instagram.

Social Rank

To look after your Twitter and Instagram accounts is not an easy assignment. Social Rank is the tool that can help you to analyze, organize and manage your social media marketing for Instagram and Twitter. It has some similarity of Vibbi, But in addition, Social Rank allow you to manage your business Twitter handle along with Instagram.


It is specifically designed by Facebook Pages. You can analyze any Facebook page to know about performance. It is the tool where you can get an idea regarding most powerful content, whether it is Text, Video, and Images. It also gives you report on monthly engagement per post.


You can start using this tool from free 7 days trial to manage your social media marketing. It has several options including scheduling blog and pages post. Moreover, it provides the keyword tracking option. Socialoomph offers diverse features for every social platform. For example, it provides different features for Facebook and different features for Pinterest. You can upgrade your professional account in $17.97 just for two weeks, not for a whole month.

Other Advantages:

  • Access to twitter accounts without password
  • Auto-following option that follows you


According to the statistic, 21,000 thousand Customers over 90 countries rising their business with Hubspot. It has a number of features that can improve your marketing strategy. You can easily grow your traffic and convert them into customers. The very powerful tool that helps you to line up your sales and marketing.

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