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Prostate Cancer – Need A Man Of Determination

An absolute life changing experience which opens a book full of blank pages , where every word is written in the ink of fate and your determination to fight. Yes, it is prostate cancer. A certainly life threatening disease, but a shield of precautions, early detection and some smart timely decision can change the game in your favour.

By staying aware about the disease, you can surely gift yourself a safe, happy and long life. Let us try to touch various aspect of prostate cancer so that you can stay protected from this biggest and worst enemy of masculinity.

What Is Prostate?

It is a small, walnut-sized gland just below a man’s bladder.

What Is A Prostate Cancer?

When the cells in prostate grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells, it causes a prostate cancer because a normal cell completes its life cycle and die but cancer cells continue to live and reproduce. When these cells assemble, they can evolve into a tumour. Now, this tumour can outspread to nearby organs, lymph nodes, tissues and eventually bones leaving the person in a life threatening condition.

How To Recognise Prostate Cancer In Early Stages?

Detection in an early stage is the most important thing in curing cancer. Same is the case with prostate cancer. Here are few symptoms which can help in detecting the warning alarms of cancer.

–    increased frequency of urination

–    trouble urinating

–    blood in the urine and semen

–    swelling in the legs

–    decreased force when urinating

–    pain with ejaculation

–    discomfort in the rectal region or pelvis


Can Vasectomy Cause Prostate Cancer?

–    Vasectomy is a type of Surgery for permanent contraception or sterilisation of males. It is believed that the surgery can cause prostate cancer in Noida. But, according to a recent news by Reuters (News Agency), a study in U.S suggests that having a vasectomy surgery do not increase the risk of prostate cancer. In fact, the real cause of this cancer lies in the lifestyle we follow as obesity and smoking are the two main things which cause prostate cancer.

The research was done on 364,000 men out of which 42,000 men had vasectomy surgery. So, if you were living in a myth or fear that vasectomy can bring the monster of prostate cancer in your life, then it is definitely a happy news for you.

Who Is The Prospect ?

Following factors increase the risk of prostate cancer –

Race:  Highest risk of prostate cancer is to African American men whereas Asian men have the lowest risk.

Age:  Although the chances of prospect cancer increase after the age of 50 but men over 65 are more in the danger zone.

Obesity : Root of many other diseases, obesity can be a major cause of prostate cancer too.

Smoking : Just like obesity, smoking is among the well-known causes of this cancer.

Family history: Undoubtedly, it is the biggest reason of having prostate cancer. Closer the relation, higher will be the chances.

Traditional Treatments

There can be several treatment options for men suffering from prostate cancer. Like –

–    Radiation therapy – Includes the use of strong radiation to narrow and kill cancer cells.

–    Removal of the prostate gland which is also known as (radical prostatectomy)

–    Ultrasound therapy – It kills cancer cells by heating the prostate tissue.

–    Chemotherapy – Drug treatment which uses chemicals to destroy cancer cells.

–    Hormone therapy – It prevents the body from producing testosterone as prostate tumours use testosterone to grow.

–    Cryosurgery – It includes freezing tissue to destroy cancer cells.

–    Brachytherapy – It places radioactive seeds near the tumour to reduce and kill it.

Actually, when it comes to cancer, things depend on very small steps of awareness and precautions. A little alertness is enough to keep you safe but at the same time, even the slightest carelessness can turn the nightmares into reality. So, the rule is Be Alert, Stay Healthy!

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