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Pain Management Clinic

At Pain & Spine Specialists of Connecticut (PSSC), our expert physicians are dedicated to helping you. Now, the normal dosing for this is not even one every 8hours like he had you on, that would be a dosing schedule used for someone with very mild to moderate pain, perhaps an arthritis sufferer who isn’t in pain all the time and doesn’t need constant pain control.

The medical commission’s statement of charges, dated but issued, alleges that Li committed unprofessional conduct in violation Pain doctor San Antonio of state regulations for chronic, non-cancer pain management, including rules designed to prevent opiate abuse, overdose and death.

Among the physicians featured in the documentary, which helped write a 1996 consensus statement on behalf of two pain society’s pain clinic San Antonio that has been criticized for allegedly playing down the risk of addiction and overdose with opioids when prescribed to treat chronic pain. The business model of the Wellness Clinic was designed to provide massive amounts of high-dose CDS (controlled dangerous substances) to patients under the veil of a legitimate pain management clinic, the medical licensure board stated in one document.

We eventually lucked out as a doctor who has taken courses in pain management and is now a specialist in it, joined my doctors practice, so we no longer pain management San Antonio have to run out trying to figure out who can help me, he is right there ready to advise and sign scrips every time we go in for my monthly appointment. For more information, please visit our site

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