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When it comes to plastic model kits and Accessories you can find exactly what you are looking for.  Remote control rock crawlers generally allow for a large amount of articulation (the rear wheels could be horizontal when the front wheels are at a 45-degree angle) and are normally limited in speed, in favor of massive amounts of torque which makes them perfectly suited to rock crawling.

We retail a large variety of items including Slot Car Sets, Model Kits, Wooden Boats, Educational Kits, Model Trains, Remote Control Cars, Helicopters, Radio Control Model Hobby Planes, Boats and the accessories required to build or repair your models at competitive prices, with postage to anywhere in the world.

Nitromethane nitro powered models utilize a single servo for throttle and braking control rotation of the servo in one direction will cause the throttle on the carburetor to open, providing more air RC Hobby Shops Online Australia and fuel mixture to the internal combustion engine Rotation of the servo in the other direction causes torque to be applied to a linkage and cam which causes friction with the braking material.

Even if you purchase a ready-to-run hobby model that comes with an electronic speed control, you may eventually want to upgrade to another ESC — weighing such features Radio Control Model Hobby as: Speed Control Shopping Tips Motors In R/C, there are two basic classes of motors: Stock: If your model comes with a motor, it’s most likely the stock variety. For more information, please visit our site

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