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Office Coffee – An introduction

Have you heard about office coffee services? With the advent of hectic work schedules office coffee services have become very common in Toronto. There are very good vendors who supply office coffee in various locations. But vendors, usually are placed in the vicinity of the offices.

Most of the vendors process traditional coffee for reliable customers. It is made from sugar, margarine and salt. The same mixture is termed as, “Coffee Mixture”, or “Kopi O”, or “Kopitiam Kopi”. These types of coffee mixture are quite popular in Toronto and are ordered by a majority of customers. Customers from Singapore and Toronto have been observed to order mostly traditional coffee which is made from sugar, margarine and salt respectively.

Types or Categories of Office Coffee

100% Coffee

This is a type of coffee which is roasted on its own. This kind of a beverage do not use any foreign ingredients as such. Referred to as pure coffee, it is a savoury for coffee lovers.

Gourmet & Specialty

Speciality Coffee is really special in the truest sense. It is always known for it’s superior quality and taste, besides offering a distinct tastes for gourmets or coffee lovers. This type of a beverage is actually based from beans which are of high quality. Such type of beverage constitutes a high standard green coffee, as the inputs are royal and are sourced from top class coffee plants as well. This type of coffee is grown in an accurately defined area. The coffee seeds are nurtured in such a way that it meets the expectations of top-class coffee lovers.

Espresso Series

Espresso coffee is often blended from several roasts. These types of coffee uses varietals to form a bold but not bitter flavor which forms to be a favorite taste for coffee lovers. Finely ground coffee is mixed with high pressured water to make it more soluble. The residual amount is then filtered into small and concentrated amounts.

Espresso Series of coffee can be classified into the following series:

  • Espresso Royal

(Chocolate, Floral, Fruity)

  • Espresso Gold

(Mellow, Sweet, Hint of Nut)

  • Espresso Pearl

(Cocoa, Hint of Tobacco)

  • Espresso Classic

(Full Body, Strong Aftertaste)


Office Coffee services have become quite popular in destinations like Toronto and Singapore, in the recent past. The reasons are a busy work schedules that these organizations offer and more so because, most of the employees spend a bulk of time, in office or workplaces. There are various blends of coffee starting from espresso coffee to traditional ones. One can put online order based on their budget and choice.

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