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No more security questions thanks to new voice authentication technology

Are you sick and tired of having to repeatedly answer multiple security questions when trying to find out something as simple as your account balance over the phone? Or even worse, do you believe the security questions that are being asked could easily be answered by someone that isn’t you. Your birth date, your partner’s name, or your email address aren’t a secret, and it’s frightening that anyone who knows how to use a search engine can pretty much access your accounts. Well, you can shove your security related anxieties to the side because Voxtron has now created a voice authentication system that will revolutionize the way you access your personal and professional data.

How the voice authentication set up works

Every single person has a unique voice and their own way of pronouncing words and sounds. This new technology will take full advantage of your distinctiveness. You could compare using your voice as a security measure to holding your fingerprint on a scanner to unlock your phone. Your ‘voice print’ is established by repeating a range of numbers and/or words so that your unique, digital representation can be logged and used to access your data in the future. Of course, a sturdier voiceprint requires more examples of your speech. The first time you’ll be using this technology, you might want to be thorough and get it right from the get go.

The innovative keys to successful security

However the name might suggest otherwise, security isn’t the one and only priority to Voice Secure Authentication. There are numerous factors that will be contributing towards its success. Sometimes less truly is more, especially when it comes to the cost of maintaining a quality product. The up-keep and extra costs that are linked to the current measures of security over the phone are typically more expensive. Touch-tone PIN’s and questions asked by agents aren’t only more extravagantly priced; they are also considerably less accurate, and painstakingly less convenient. Having to remember a PIN code for every single service is annoying. Keeping track of which e-mail address you used can lead to awkward silences over the phone when talking to a customer care worker.

Companies that are already using this product have reported that their end-users’ confidence has risen exponentially. When applied to banking, customer care and commerce, this voice technology will make everything move seamlessly. In the future you might see this authentication approach combined with other cost-effective security measures to increase fluency and to promote a quick, satisfying method while maintaining the highest level of security possible. All of your data will be readily available at your command. Your own voice will open doors that forgotten PIN codes and neglected e-mail addresses were keeping shut.

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