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Never follow these bad beauty tips

We have followed a few beauty trends for years. But everything has an end, right? These beauty tips should be forgotten very quickly

In terms of beauty and especially make-up, everyone has their own routine. Possibly, however, this is sometimes thoughtful. We want to go with the times and do not always deal with past trends.

Make-up & Co. should be more beautiful. The following beauty tips do not make that exactly! So: Forget the following advice very quickly:

  1. Bad advice: Use a dark lip liner

What in the 90s and possibly even at the beginning of the 00er years was totally hip, you should no longer make today: the lip liner a tone darker than the lipstick. A visible lip liner is probably the greatest beauty at all, because it simply looks artificial. Decide for an accurate color match with your lipstick.

  1. Bad advice: Shave your eyebrows and trace them

To shave the eyebrows and to paint (let alone to tattoo) was actually trendy and today is only totally “banana”. Naturalness is by no means given here. Instead, draw your eyebrows gently with a color-matching eyebrow pencil. If you are still dissatisfied, please consult the cosmetician

  1. Bad advice: Warm your eyelashes with a hair dryer

The idea is in itself not even so wrong. Finally, the eyelash curler acts like a kind of curling iron. But beware! Too much heat is dangerous – especially for your eyes and eyelids. Just a wrong move and something can happen very quickly. Moreover, the intense heat is not a joy for your lashes, as the hairs break faster in this way.

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  1. Bad advice: Do not use moisturizing cream in oily skin

This tip is a myth. If you have oily skin, it lacks moisture, which is why your oil glands try to compensate for the loss. Therefore: In any case, continue to use moisturizer to your skin, relationship, the oil production of the skin to return to normal.

  1. Bad advice: Red-haired women should not wear a red lipstick

Your hair color should really not pretend – not your clothes and certainly not your makeup. Redheads often have to fight against beauty “rules”. Rules were finally made to be broken. So: Dare to wear red lips! It will flatter you – promised!

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