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Netgear: A Trusted Brand for the best Routers and Extenders

When we talk about reliability and easy use of digital devices, Netgear is one brand that cannot be overlooked. More than 2 decades year old, Netgear is a trusted brand that has made internet access fast for homeowners in the United States of America.


Another advantage of using a wifi device from this brand is that – the devices come in multiple configurations. With Netgear, you get an extensive range to choose from the best digital devices. They are available for fast moving businesses and also for smart homeowners who love to watch high-resolution videos and get fast gaming access without interruptions.


These devices are quite easy to setup as well. All you have to do is connect your extender and router together and open the setup to know if you have established a secure connection.


Netgear devices have created a special place in the market and are continuing to outgrow as the best brand of wireless digital devices.


Netgear has satisfied customers over 25 countries around the globe with a diverse range of wifi routers available in the market.


Since every homeowner is different, so are their requirements. While some homeowners need high connectivity for video streaming, other homeowners need to operate mobile devices with their home network.


In this article, we will let you know the best Netgear devices for homes. These devices can be selected according to the requirements of the homeowner and your choice can vary according to the needs.


Nighthawk X4 WiFi Range Extender


With an internal antenna that amplifies the router signals up to 2.2Gbps, the Nighthawk X4 extender is the perfect fit for homes. This extender partly covers the distance of  930 m² within the house, making it easy for you to get good connectivity. Connect the extender to the router and log on to mywifiext to check the network.


Trek Travel Router and Range Extender


Another great investment for travelers can be the Trek Travel Router and Range Extender. Not only does it makes your life easy at home, they are also a great companion for tourist and travelers. If your job involves lots of traveling, this Trek Travel router and extender offers great support and secure wifi connection on the go.


WiFi Range Extender for your Mobile


Specifically designed for homeowners who like to use the internet on their mobile devices, the WiFi Range Extender for Mobile is the perfect fit. With the wifi band of 2.4GHz, you can instantly connect to the connection without any external blockage and interruptions.


Your wifi router and extender are a huge part of your life. Netgear very well understands your needs of a secure connection, therefore we bring you the best devices for every home at affordable prices. However, if you are unable to connect with even after constant efforts, get in touch with the experts.
Our talented and committed team of technical experts are here to help you in the time of need.

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