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Memories are just a Click Away – Radhika Pandit Wedding Photography

“A picture speaks better than thousand words”, yes it is true, That is why we get that feeling of living the moment when we see old pics. It is like it is happening at that moment. Not all pics give you the feeling, but the ones which are shot the way it should have been shot. Wedding photography is much more difficult. The photographer have to cover all the moments in a wedding and that too in a way it should look like a story told. Every good wedding shoot feels like a story being shot with still Camera. This time we are featuring wedding photographer Radhika who has shot a lot of weddings. Lens Stories are always good to see with a bit of description, ain’t it?

For Radhika, wedding photography has always been based on great communication with the bride and groom. The best wedding photography is truly candid – the photographer should blend into the background, and capture the genuine smiles. Wedding photographers are particularly guilty of intrusive behavior. Radhika believes the photographer should behave like a photojournalist, documenting the drama and excitement of the celebration. She tries to capture real emotions of the people when they hardly pay attention to a camera. Her each photographs are a story in itself. She is known for her interesting wide frames and compositions and knack of capturing perfect emotions. Even when a wedding couple hires a team of other photographers to cover the overall wedding, the couple specially hires her to take intimate moments of them and their immediate family. Within a very short time, her works, her nature and her efforts has taken her to shoot international weddings. This summer she shot eight French weddings and has honed her skills as a destination wedding photographer. People hire her not only for weddings but also for pre/post wedding sessions, for which they specially plan a destination. With each wedding, she not only develops trust and comfort but also walks out making lifelong friends. When asked her to speak about herself, she humbly replied, “I’ll rather let my work speak for me”

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