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Latest Residential and Commercial Projects in Anand

Hello Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2017.

It is that time of year when we take stock of our life both on the personal and professional front. A time to reflect on the important events in our life as well as the economy in general. 2015 has been a difficult year for Indian Industry in general with growth not as per expectations, and hence Capital Expenditure for capacity expansions did not happen. Crude & Commodity prices like steel & aluminium at all time low is good for our forex reserves with low import bill but not great for companies in that sector. Industry is saddled with huge debt and banks are grappling with NPAs. The government has declared many initiatives and implemented some but we are some distance and time away from a cheer.

Real Estate is seeing some traction as interest rates are going down and buyers on the fence have started sharpening their pencils. Inventory levels in Metros is still high but in general we walk into 2017 with better prospects in Real Estate both for Developers (owing to improved market conditions) and customers (RERA Bill)

For Sakariya, the quarter gone by was momentous to say the least. Our marketing office for Svayam Symphony & Svayam Sapphire at Anand is almost complete and so is all the documentation and approval process required to kick start our construction activity at the site. All this has been possible owing to the great energy, enthusiasm and passionate follow ups by our Team.

Till the time our marketing office is fully equipped for us to move in, our marketing team is operating out of a tent at the site. The site now has full scale back lit hoardings and coupled with our hoardings in the city, we now have a lot of visibility in Anand & Vallabh Vidyanagar. We are serving an average of 15+ walk-ins daily. The response to our Projects is very encouraging and personally I am thrilled to be back at my home town calling up and meeting school and college friends and sharing our Project details with them.

Anand has not seen any project of such a scale with so many amenities. Our location is very strategic and has a huge potential for awesome returns for its buyers. The Projects are on the highway with great visibility and frontage for commercial units.

We look forward to the residents and owners of our project experiencing, expressing and sharing the joy of an elevated lifestyle.

I am humbled by the cooperation and partnership that we got from all our employees and vendor partners in making a great beginning for Svayam Symphony & Svayam Sapphire. They say, well begun in half done.

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Thank you.

Rock On. Welcome 2017.

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