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Janitorial Services in Charlotte NC

Our commercial cleaning service provides you with pristine facilities to do business in. Businesses that utilize our cleaning service include fitness centers, churches, office buildings, schools, retail stores Office Cleaning In Charlotte NC, auto dealerships, restaurants, medical facilities, and more. We offer some excellent specialized cleaning services, including green cleaning, window washing, power washing, and carpet shampooing.

From office cleaning to retail store floor waxing, we provide professional and affordable services that will exceed your expectations. You can always turn to us for a consistently great experience. Our customers trust us with their image and reputation, which we take very seriously. With customer service as a top priority, our staff members will follow-up after your cleaning to make sure you had a positive experience. We will also send a manager to all projects to put you at ease and answer any questions you may have. We care about our customers and work to ensure their property looks its best. Here at Service pros, we’ll work hard to make sure your experience with our janitorial service is one you’ll remember fondly.

The company provides services to various types of commercial buildings including office Commercial Cleaning in Charlotte NC buildings, dealerships, and churches. Additionally, the company offers custom cleaning schedules based on their customers’ needs. Services provided include general commercial cleaning services and carpet cleaning.

Our services include carpet cleaning, doors/windows cleaning, floor cleaning, glass cleaning and marble cleaning services, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, Janitorial Service in Charlotte NC waste disposal, shampooing, sanitization services and much more. Our team of core professionals provides quality services with a prime focus on our customers. It is this prime focus that has bonded our Customers to a level of great satisfaction. For more information, please visit our site


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