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Importance of Education

It is a dream of millions of students, in any part of the world, to study abroad.  But, the prescription is irrational as the draft policy states, Instead of setting up new institutions, which require huge investments, priority of the government will be to expand the capacity of Education Blog India existing institutions. Given the wide difference in the prevailing GER and enrolment ratio expected of an economy of size and vigour like India, the expansion of higher education is not possible with capacity addition alone without opening new institutions of higher learning.

A comparison of data on school attendance ratios for children aged 6-14 years from the Censuses of India and various rounds of NSSO surveys suggests that although there has been considerable improvement in school attendance rates, a very substantial lag remains among rural children.

Combined with policy changes like making child labour illegal the being government is working ensure that the seeds of education are planted in both Education Portal the rural and less privileged sub-urban areas of the country though there are a number of pressing challenges at hand that hamper the proliferation. In order to bridge this gap, the pioneering study by India Institute in a tier-II city, Private School Revolution in Bihar. Findings from a survey in Patna Urban, is an extensive study involving the use of GPS technology to map almost every school in the city and allows all stakeholders including the government to take note of the greatly ignored private school sector in the state. For more information, please visit our site

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