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IAS Prelims 2017 GS Paper 1 Analysis

The 2017 IAS Preparation Preliminary GS Paper 1 was unique in many ways. Possibly the most striking aspect of this year’s Prelims paper was its stress on Polity questions and less focus on specifically current affairs questions. This post analyses the 2017 Prelims GS Paper 1 in minute details and also tries to locate the difficulty level of the paper and how it will impact your chances of qualifying the 2017 Prelims.

Subject Question ask
Polity 20
Science&Tech 11
History 8
Art & Culture 18
General Awareness 10
Economy 12
Geography 8
Current Affairs 8
Environment & Ecology 5

From the above statistical distribution it is clear that formal topics have return in 2017 Prelims with as many as 20 questions being asked from Polity alone! Even Science & Tech, Economy and Geography found good representation with 11, 12 and 8 questions respectively.

Only 5 questions were asked on Environment and Ecology. As many as 18 questions were based on General Awareness and Current Affairs. Both these topics are inter-linked to each other

Difficulty Analysis of 2017 Prelims GS Paper 1

Going into the difficulty level of the questions, as usual it is clear that overall difficulty of the Paper would be hard. Having said that all questions were not of the same difficulty level. Some were quite straightforward while others were tricky.
As many as 20 questions were belonging to the Polity. These questions were easy to moderate level. A good reading of Laxmikant’s Indian Polity, Bare Constitution as well taken online guidance from best UPSC Coaching Center would have helped most candidates to answer these questions.

Also most of the Polity questions were single choice questions and most questions did not contain multiple statements.

Geography Question Analysis

Geographics questions were easy if you had prepared the Book of maps well since as many 6 out of 8 questions were map-based, which is quite a lot. Since in the past, not more than 4-5 map-based questions have been asked. So preparing the atlas on daily basis would have surely helped here.

Science &Technology Question Analysis

Science and Tech questions were mostly current affairs and general awareness based. Questions on Biological oxygen Demand, e-LISA project, cyber security, latest scientific success, etc. were asked which did not require any specialized book reading but just regular reading of current happing and news of science and technology. Apart from this, some analytical questions were also asked consisting of two or more statements on butterflies.

Economy Question Analysis

12 questions were asked on Indian Economy. Again these questions were not conceptual or nay special books required; rather they were based on the latest economic developments like tax, Unified Payments Interface, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund, Trade Facilitation Agreement etc.

History Question Analysis

8 questions were asked on Indian History of which 6 questions were on Modern History and 2 on Ancient History

Current Affairs and General Awareness Question Analysis

As many as 18-20 questions were solely from these inter-linked topics. As I have mentioned above, some questions from conventional topics also were also current affairs-based but these questions have to be categorized as exclusively current affairs/general awareness questions. For preparation of the you need to follow regularly newspaper

Expected Cut-Off Marks in 2017 Prelims

Overall, the difficulty level was Moderate+ as I have mentioned as per all analysis the cut-off for various categories will be
• General: 110-120
• OBC: 105-115
• SC: 95-100
• ST: 90-95

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