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How To Use Cutisonic Products The Right Way

The peel back cleanser pads and make-up applicator pad require change after every 3 months for effective functioning and performance.

Apart from the usage guide, there are informative blogs posted on our website. The blogs talks about various problems that our products solve. We want our informative blogs to be used extensively by our customers.

We issue advisory instructions for our trademark products that include:

  • Keeping it away from the reach of children
  • To be avoided in case of any burning sensation on your skin

Here is the step by step explanation of the process of handling Makeup Applicator Pad and peel back cleanser Pads here at Cutisonic

Package Entire Contents

The list of contents include:

  1. Cutisonic Sonic Cleaner and Applicator
  2. Cleansing Pads
  3. Liquid MakeUp Applicator Pad
  4. USB Recharge Cable
  5. Instruction Manual

Recharge USB Cable

The USB cable is plugged into charging device or laptop where it takes 2 hours to fully charge the device. The device when fully charged can operate up to 6 hours

Cleansing Activity

The cleansing activity allows you to cleanse skin in small circles. The face is wet with warm water and cleansing head is attached so that cleanser can be applied properly. The On/Off buttons are used to switch on or off the device. The device is washed once the cleansing activity is performed.

Cleaning and Rinsing Activities

The cleaning and rinsing activities are performed by drying it with towel or cloth to ensure longer functionality life.

Device after usage should be handled properly to ensure that its associated components are not damaged.

Makeup Mode On

The makeup and cleansing mode can be changed in few seconds and follows simple steps:

  1. Peel back cleanser pads
  2. The makeup pad is positioned in the centre
  3. The secure makeup sponge is pressed

Apply and Spread to get things done

The liquid makeup is applied to edgeless makeup sponge before applying it to your skin. The makeup is applied and spread evenly which gives long lasting finish due to Makeup Application Pad.

To Sum up Things

We have provided you step by step detailing of various functionalities. You can always use it for reference.

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