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How To Keep Your Teeth White

It is important to have a set of beautiful teeth to gain confidence when we interact with people. It plays a major role as anyone who looks at us and talks, will first notice our teeth, as it is prominently visible. We all have good set of teeth when we grow. However, the way we care and maintain plays an important and crucial part. With age we tend to lose the texture and color of the teeth with improper maintenance and wrong food habits.

Regrow receding gums it is quiet natural that as we age, we tend to lose the color of the teeth. But by avoiding wrong choices of food and proper care will avoid this to a great extend. This do not happen all o a sudden. The dirt that accumulates in front of the teeth will form stain and starts developing bacteria which results in plaque. This plaque is sticky and stays permanently on the teeth. The plaque that is formed in front of the teeth will not only develops bacteria and forms the discoloring of teeth, but also in paves the way for tooth decay and other complications in the gum and the root of the teeth. When left unnoticed this plaque will make the teeth completely discolored and makes it brown.

Mostly this discoloring is due to more intakes of sweets and other beverages. The enamel of the teeth has the property of absorbing and penetration. Most important step to keep out teeth clean is by brushing our teeth with proper strokes and also flossing it regularly.

First step is to remove the plaque at the gum edge. This can be done with vertical vibratory strokes. This should be extended till the biting edge of the teeth. It is important to brush in front of the mirror, to ensure that we brush all the parts of the teeth. It is advisable that we start brushing from one corner and move on to the other end.

The brushing method should also be vertical strokes rather than horizontal. Horizontal brush strokes can cause abrasion and hyper sensitivity of teeth over a period of time. After brushing the teeth it is important that we floss it regularly. We may find it difficult initially, but over a period of time, we get more frequent in flossing. Flossing makes all the sticky dirt and food particle which gets stuck in between the teeth

How To Keep Teeth White And Healthy? As said earlier, it is important to have a good food habit. Avoiding beverages, sweets and smoking will help in keeping our teeth clean and white to a great extent.

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