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How To Give Your Partner A Great Massage

The critical thing to remember about perineal massage is that if you are feeling a stretching and mild muscle burn through the use of your fingers as you massage and press against the back portion of your birth canal (your vaginal opening), you are doing valuable perineal massage. It doesn’t have to follow a textbook definition of how the massage Best massage for women should be done to be useful. At least half of women who start perineal massage, and over 75% of women who have heard of the technique, find it challenging to do daily massage during the last several (4-6) weeks of pregnancy. If every other day or even 2x per week is the best you can do, rest assured it is still of great value to you.

I work in the sexual health sector. After researching the health benefits of orgasms and how they affect the numerous health issues of women, I now refer many of my patients to these type of practitioners. After Sensual massage for women many years of extensive research, I have witnessed the transformation of many subjects after such a treatment. Massage, performed by experts in this field, is more beneficial than many drugs on the market! For more information, please visit our site

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