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How to do hard reset on Amazon Echo

If  your Amazon Echo is not working properly and you have tried every troubleshoot method then it is time to do hard reset on your speaker. Follow these steps to do hard reset

  1. In the case of Amazon Echo or Echo Dot first generation you need a paper clip to do this task.
  2. Locate hard reset button on the underside of the speaker’s base.
  3. Just press that button.
  4. The light ring on Amazon Echo will light up orange for about a minute.
  5. After that the light ring will get blue and Echo will say “hello”.
  6. Now your Amazon Echo is ready to use.
  7. If you have second generation just press the Mute and volume button simultaneously for about 20 sec.

If you are still facing problem then their must be some other issue in the case you need to contact Amazon Echo customer support.

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