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How to change wake word of Amazon Echo – Alexa Support

You bring the Amazon Echo to your home but every time it troubles when you say “Alexa” and you want to change the watch word of Amazon Echo. So now i will tell you how to change wake word of Echo or you can talk to our Alexa support guys at toll free +1-855-377-4677.

Why You Would Want to Change The Watch Word

Before we proceed we should know why we require sometime to change the wake word. Sometime it happens the name “Alexa” is the name of your family member so when you call that family member the Amazon Echo get activated or there are two Amazon product one is Amazon Echo and another one is Echo Dot with same name “Alexa” so when you call one then another one is automatically get activated and thats why it require to change the name.

         How To Change The Wake Word

  1. First open the Alexa app go to  to acess your Echo’s control pannel.
  2. Then select “setting” from the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Then select your device “Echo” After selecting you will find entry for “Wake Word”. Select the wake word. If you need any help during this just ring Alexa tech support number.
  4. When you click on that there will be three option available Alexa which is current name of your device one is Amazon and last option will be Echo select your desire name and click on save button. It takes few minutes to change during this you are unable to operate Amazon Echo so please keep patience.

For more information contact us at our toll free Echo Customer Service Number +1-855-377-4677.

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