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How To Host The Best Pool Party In Town?

Summers have arrived and have brought with it the reasons to host a pool party. There are a number of hotels with pool and spa resorts in Goa which are leaders in hosting a pool party. Hosting a pool party is slightly different from hosting any other party and but if your keep in mind the below mentioned points, you can become a good pool party host:

  1. Book an extra room: If you are hosting a pool party, do not forget to book an extra room where your guests can easily change into their bathing attire and leave their belongings. This small tip can surely create a good impression in the minds of your guests.
  2. Prepare for sunset: If you think your party is going to last till sunset, it is better to be prepared. Keep some candles handy as they add to the aesthetic value to the pool and also some bug spray which will become very useful once the sun sets.
  3. Add small favors: Your guest may not come prepared for the pool party but you have to be. Keep small favors like sunglasses, sunscreen, and pool toys etc. which will not only add value to your party but will also keep the guests entertained.
  4. Add some theme: Adding a theme to your party not only adds the fun quotient but also helps in keeping the party interactive. Many hotels in Goa with swimming pool host themed party and you can contact anyone of them to know about their theme in details.
  5. Do not neglect safety: Hosting a pool party also comes with great responsibilities. Make sure you have rubber tubes for people who cannot swim; depth of the pool is marked and also use plastic glasses so that you don’t have to deal with broken glasses in your party.
  6. It is always better to have extra stuff: While hosting a pool party, it is always suggested to keep some extra towels and flip flops in case the guests forget to bring their own. Remember you cannot say no to a guest once he asks for something.
  7. Do not forget Music: No party is complete without the music and pool party is no exception. Play music according to the age group and preferences of the guest and make sure there is someone responsible for keeping the music playing.

If you pay attention to the above points, your guest will sure acknowledge you as a great host. Remember a party is as good as its host and thus do not forget to add that personal touch to the party and make sure you interact with everyone to know about any improvements that can be done in the party setup.

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