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Sparkling diamonds, beautiful rubies, fabulous emeralds and other gems always brings the images of great riches and abundant beauty to our mind. Human beings have been fascinated by gemstones for long. They have been an inspiration for various curses, myths and have also been used as medicine in some cases. The gemstones that we so passionately want to acquire and admire are found in the deepest recesses of Earth’s crust.

Gems were acquired by people due to various reasons throughout ages. Gems were used by people as religious symbols, decorative ornaments, good-luck charms and amulets. They have also been used for medicinal and barter purposes. Some people even used gems for investment purposes. While for others, it was merely a way of displaying one’s power, status and wealth.

In ancient past, royalties were only privileged to have the finest of gems. You can find some of those gems now even, and their histories are an interesting blend of legend and facts. For instance, the Timur Ruby, Black Prince’s Ruby those are there in the Imperial Crown of the British crown jewels.

There was a belief amongst ancient people that certain gemstones had such powers so as to save them from unhappiness, misfortune and illness. Superstitions related to gemstones are endless and at times contradictory. For example, Opal was considered to be a symbol of hope by some, whereas, others believed it to be a harbinger of bad luck. Pharmacists used to sell powdered gems as medicine during the Middle Ages in Europe. It was believed that more expensive a gemstone more would be its curative powers. Yellow stones were used to treat Jaundice, whereas, red gems were considered to be helpful in stopping the bleeding.

Apart from all this, gems have also been associated with the sun, moon, planets and the zodiac signs as well. In present time, gems can be created in laboratories as well. Having the same physical properties and chemical composition, synthetic gemstones are almost the same as natural gemstones.

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