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Handmade Pocket Knife Damascus steel

Recreating Damascus steel is a subfield of experimental archaeology many have attempted to discover or reverse-engineer the process by which it was made. The walnut with which the cutting board has been carved is of the finest grain, selected for its durability and for the splendor that it brings to Special while a built-in hand-made Damascus knife with rosewood handle that moves around on the board made of an historical metal with a wavy surface pattern, hammered out with steel and iron and first used in present-day during the medieval age.

One of the main things to consider with Damascus knives, is their tendency to be more of a one off, and almost like a collectors knife, with knife makers only producing Damascus steel chef knife a few of a certain design before moving on to the next – so you often see them advertised as last one’ or ‘only 3 left’ due to the low batch production.

A knife block is great if you have a single set of knives, but for the home chef with a number of regularly used knives from different brands, a magnetic knife rack can be an indispensable accessory that is perfect for small kitchens and keeps your knives easily accessible.

Defining characteristics are toughness (resistance to breaking), sharpness (smallest carbide and grain for smallest apex reduce force in cutting), edge life (an index for the length of time an edge will Damascus steel knives cut based on lack of edge rolling or chipping), edge quality (toothy with large carbides or refined with small carbides), and ease of sharpening (steel easily abrades in stone and forms a sharp edge). For more information, please visit our site

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