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Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer Exporter India

Ours could be a closely command closed corporation that started in 1925 and that we square measure committed to preserve and uphold the age recent traditions and heritage of hand crafted carpet producing that showcases the tortuous skills of the native craftsmen. Our carpets square measure alright accepted within the overseas markets and that we have frequently participated within the prestigious Demote metropolis truthful for the past 13 years to form our presence felt to the purchasers worldwide. we’ve got additionally opened AN workplace within the up to cater to our overseas customers.
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We take utmost care in maintaining the prime quality of our product and pay shut attention to each detail associated with producing to confirm that the purchasers square measure perpetually absolutely glad. Our quality systems adjust to the international normal ISO 9001:2008 and also the entire producing method comprising of planning, dyeing, screen printing and weaving square measure undertaken in-house with no scope of outsourcing. The styles square measure developed by our in-house designers however we tend to additionally welcome your concepts to be born-again into engaging styles.
Social answerability
Our product bears the mark of Good weave Certification in conformity to our compliance with truthful labor practices that strictly abhors the utilization of kid labor. Our commitment towards different social causes is exemplified within the engagement of an outsized section of girl’s personnel with the aim of girls authorization that additionally contributes to the native economy.

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