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Hair and Makeup in Key West

We are a team of experienced Hair and Makeup professionals, key west hair and makeup our talented artists have been hand selected to provide the best hair, makeup services for your special day and they want to make you look like fairies because beautification is unique in the world and for your special event our job is not just create beautiful looking hair & makeup, but to capture the very essence of who you are.

With our service you can easily find a skilled and talented makeup artist, who would bring everybody’s attention to the beautiful bride because our specializing artist team with their experience of work they can provide you all the service of beautification with Florida Key West hair and makeup service to the bride. We highly recommend going with and as your wedding planner for a wedding in the Keys – everything was perfect, from the ceremony, to the reception, the Key West hair and makeup cake, the hair dresser/make-up. We could go on and on. Key West wedding hair and makeup artistry is very, very good at her job, and a really nice, fun lady – and we thank her for everything.

Much of the recording was to take place at studio in Key West, so happy to sign on. It was considered by wedding hair and makeup artist all to be a creative and rewarding collaboration, so the band joined on tour as that summer and the association continues today. For more information, please visit our site

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