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No one can ever know what future has in store for us. Still, human beings have this innate desire to speculate about the out comings in future.  However, when it comes to mobile marketing, things become pretty predictable as we can clearly differentiate between the popularity and usability of the old marketing techniques and the current ones and analyse the possibilities of the growth of mobile marketing. It is needless to say that the market of mobile marketing is fast progressing.

Marketing in plain terms is the promotion of any ideology, product, or service. Similarly, mobile marketing is carried out using mobile devices. Some may regard that mobile marketing is almost a similar concept to that of online marketing, however, its penetration and reach is far greater. For the past few years the ratio of targeting consumers via mobile has considerably gone up. Ads and promotions are an integral part of your mobile phone. The market for mobile marketing is exploding and not just merely growing. Therefore, it will be apt to say that the future is surely going to be bright for this industry. Mobile apps are a big hit these days. People spend most of their time navigating through mobile apps.  Approximately, 85 percent of the total time is spent on mobile devices by users. By the end of this year, relevance of mobile marketing will get doubled than that of desktop marketing.

Mobile video marketing has gained huge popularity in the recent years. More and more companies have discovered that it is the most effective way to engage and reach out to a wider audience. Rewarded videos are the most popular amongst all as they attract and entertain the target audience.

In a nutshell, users always want marketers to offer timely and appropriate information, discounts and promotions with ease, right on their phones! Many digital branding companies in Delhi NCR are offering mobile marketing services these days.

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