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Frank Frazetta prints for sale

Legendary science-fiction/fantasy artist Frank Frazetta created some of the most memorable and iconic images of the 20th century.  You’ll notice that the number of artists listed below jumps dramatically Frank Frazetta art and (if you research the individual artists) they tend to specialized specifically in fantasy art (as opposed to many of the artists above who were illustrators or painters for pulp fiction magazines).

Death Dealers are Vampire warriors that were created to combat the growing spread of the Lycans The first incarnation of the Death Dealers came from the army of a Hungarian warlord named Viktor , after he was made a Vampire by the Progenitor of all Vampires, Marcus Corvinus Because of this, the Death Dealers were loyal to Viktor, not Marcus.

The Frank Frazetta collection has an unprecedented amount of original masterpieces including Death Dealer 2, Death Dealer Egyptian Queen, Conan Death Dealer art Man Ape and Dark Kingdom, as well a rare original painting Frazetta did for the movie among others, 12 original masterpiece paintings total.

The later Ace reprint of THE MAD KING (very blue in color) was printed from a quick recreation of the painting because, after borrowing the original painting from Ace, Frazetta didn’t want to give it back (the bluish coloring is because of the photographic printing process). One of the best things going for this brand is its bottle: Wide mouth, wide base that’s impossible to tip (unless you knock Frank Frazetta art it off a desk), and the label comes easily off if you want to be able to see the level of ink in the bottle from the outside. For more information, please visit our site

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