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Follow these Killer Tips to Shape up your Career in Digital Marketing Domain!

So, you want to make it out in digital marketing industry, right? Well, there is no better time than now to plunge into it!

Let’s talk about some facts and figures before getting started with a career in digital marketing. According to a survey, digital marketing is expected to generate 1.5 lakh jobs by 2016. This simply means that there is a very attractive career option ahead waiting for you!

Most of you want to make a career in digital marketing, however, they have no idea how to get started. So, here we are with some top suggestions to help you out…….keep reading till you reach the bottom line…

Nurture your Eagerness, Open up to Learn something New!

The digital marketing industry is growing with a fast speed and hence, becoming competitive as well. It’s not a rocket science for companies to distinguish between candidates who are willing to learn, and the ones who are here just for money. Remember, this industry needs passion and a desire to move ahead, so mould yourself like that.

Stay tuned with Latest Updates

One who never changes with time suffers a lot. Yes, it’s true indeed. You have to be an updated person to stay ahead of the competition. Follow the industry news, major digital marketing websites and people having skills in this domain. As Facebook, Google and Twitter roll out latest updates regularly, you need to go with their tides or else you’ll find yourself lagging behind.

  • Here is a list of sites you can follow- Moz, SEOGadget, Search Engine Land and Moz for SEO purposes.
  • Search Engine Land and PPC Hero for PPC
  • Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner for Social Media
  • Hubspot for Content

Create a Network of People

Keep yourself surrounded by people having more experience than you. These people will work as your support system in case you encounter a problem. They’ll also help you open doors of opportunities you have been waiting for. Visit industry conferences and meetups to build relationship with digital marketers and improve your skill-set.Join any good digital marketing institute in delhi to train yourself well in digital marketing.

Try your Personal Experience, Put into Use your Personal Ideas

Don’t just rely on experts’ opinion, but try out your ideas as well. Everything that glitter isn’t gold, it may have some grey shades as well. So, you should have your own personal projects to test your theories out. Try your hands on SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media and so on to polish your skills.

Get Familiar with the Terminology

Digital marketers have to be familiar with acronyms like SEO, SEM and PPC. They are quite different terms, so you must know their basics at least. You should know these industry jargon to enhance your understanding.

Be a Nerdy

Here being nerdy mean trying your hands on basics of HTML and graphic design. The digital marketing career may seem all glittery, but it requires technical and data-driven familiarity as well. As you will be communicating your marketing strategies with designers or developers, it’s obvious to have some basic knowledge of their field too.

Enrol yourself for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Okay that you’re brainy in digital marketing domain, but who’s gonna believe if you don’t have a certification of the same? If you really want to defeat others in the competition, enrol yourself for a digital marketing certification course.

A certification course will not only polish your skill sets but also compel the recruiter to choose you over others.

Companies are becoming choosier than ever to pick the right candidate, and hence, pursuing a course in digital marketing is surely a win-win situation for you.


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