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Should you fix that broken gadget or just buy a new one?


Sometimes fixing a dying laptop, cracked screen, busted motherboard, or game console is almost as pricey as buying a new one. When that happens, you have a pretty tough decision to make: Do you stick with what you’ve been using and love, or get something shiny and new? Here’s what you should consider before making the choice. The Mini 2 is a quite capable tablet. It is essentially an iPad Air with a smaller form factor. The 64-bit A7 processor is clocked slightly slower than the one found in the Air, but the difference is so marginal it would take specialized software to even tell the difference.


There are several good reasons to repair things when they break instead of replacing them. Most important: it’s usually cheaper to repair an item. While replacing a broken item has its advantages too. A brand-new item is likely to be in better shape than your old one.

In fact, there are several other options available to the careless owner of a broken tablet.

First, you can turn your help to the manufacturer repair. This will by far be the most expensive option, but you know that the repair will be done correctly. When I contacted our closest Apple store — which is at least an hour drive away from us — I was told that the base rate for any repair is $599, although some easier repairs may be less expensive. It is important to note, however, that many manufacturers want to avoid having a negative reputation for making their customers purchase new gadgets after “life happens” type damage. In particular, Amazon has been quite generous in replacing Kindles at no charge to the customer when the e-reader has suffered damage that is not necessarily covered under warranty. No matter what your plans for repairing your tablet, it is worth your while to contact the manufacturer or dealer and explain the situation. You may get the benefit of an unofficial replacement policy, and you will at least learn what the worst-case financial scenario will be.


Then, third-party retailer is a good choice. Do a Google search for tablet repair, and you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds, of repair services available for your particular gadget. These third-party service providers offer repairs at much lower rates than the manufacturer — in order to repair the glass for our iPad 2, most of the service providers I looked up would charge in the range of $150-$200. In order to make certain that you are using a service that will help rather than hurt your broken tablet, stop by some message boards devoted to your gadget to check out what other users have to say about each repair company. This is not a fool-proof way to know your tablet will come home whole and as good as new, but it’s a good way to have an idea of which companies are legitimate and which are not.


Finally, as with any project, you can save money on your tablet repair if you are willing to do the work yourself. There are many YouTube videos that detail how to go about fixing broken tablets, and the websites. Provided you know for certain what is wrong with your broken tablet. Meanwhile, fixing your smart gadget is a cost-effective way to get back. However, you need to be careful and precise while following the DIY instructions.


You have spent a lot of money on your iPad, and it may not be in your budget to get a new one. Needless to say, replacing your iPad is going to cost more than it would cost fixing the screen. If the screen is broken, it is time to consult a technician for a screen replacement. Some iPad screens need to be replaced even if there’s no visible sign of damage: for instance, if the screen is blank all the time, or if the display disappears from time to time, or the brightness and contrast are playing up. Once you have decided to get your iPad screen repaired or replaced then the next thing you have to decide whether you should use original or non-original parts. By the way, our iPad 2 touch screen replacement is compatible with all iPad 2 models. We offers the Grade R digitizer replacement as the original one.


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